Reasons To Install a Modern Fireplace Screen

A fireplace is one of the elements in the room that is not just for ornamentation. Fireplaces are not found in modern day homes precisely because not everyone can afford the up keep. If you own a fireplace then you should be putting some effort in maintaining the same. Or else, it will fall out of use and go to a total waste. However, if you choose to have your fireplace and put it to good use then you have to get a good number of accessories for the same. A modern fireplace screen is a good thing to start with. After that you can move on to buying other things such as wood holder, bellows, tongs and more. But, a fireplace screen is a must have and there are more than one reasons to get one.

Following are some of the reasons that can help one to invest in a good quality modern fireplace screen:

Ensures efficient heating- An open fireplace might appear great but it does not serve the actual purpose. The heating is not so good with an open fireplace as much of the heat is lost when it goes up the chimney. So, an open fireplace is wasteful. The solution to this lies in installing a fireplace screen. Fireplace screens are known to make a fireplace far more efficient. It will help absorb and radiate the heat into the room instead of being blocked in the fireplace. Due to the presence of the fireplace more heat will be produced by the firewood.

Helps keep the smoke out- Sudden downdrafts from the chimney can be dangerous. Occurrences as such are common during the winter when a gust of wind can blow down the chimney and blow smoke and embers all over the place. If you have a fireplace screen in place then that can be avoided easily.

Brings down heating and utility costs- An open fireplace not only gives you less amount of heat but it will also drive your energy monthly bills through the roof. Chimney dampers don’t do a good job in preventing the heat and air from escaping and entering through the chimney path. Rather, a modern fireplace screen does the job extremely well. With the fireplace screen you will have a warm enough room so that you don’t have to rely on heaters to make the room warmer. That will significantly cut down on your energy bills.

Better safety- A fireplace though beautiful is also a dangerous place. It is a source of potential risk and hazards. Without any protective barrier the burning logs can roll out of the fireplace and something flammable can catch fire easily. A modern fireplace screen acts as a protective barrier. It prevents the embers and sparks from escaping the fireplace. The screen helps to prevent any disaster. It is for the safety of your family members and pets who can get burnt accidentally.

Conceals a dirty fireplace- Once the fire dies down there only remains ash and burnt logs. One might not start cleaning the fireplace soon and that can make a pretty bad sight. Modern fireplace screens are attractive with their designs and details. They are the perfect means to conceal the dirty fireplace. It can save you from getting embarrassed before your guests when they arrive suddenly.

A fireplace screen is therefore a must if you have a fireplace at home. It will help avoid a lot of problems and is a worthy investment.