Must-visit breakfast spots in La Mer, Dubai

If you live in District One Villas, consider yourself blessed as you have some of the best breakfast spots near you.


La Mer is an exciting beachside location in Dubai that provides everything from a calming environment to a comfortable eating experience. Check out these amazing breakfast spots in La Mer, Dubai, if you want to begin your day with excellent food in a comfortable, waterfront atmosphere.

Best places to have breakfast in Port De La, Dubai

The most essential meal of the day is breakfast. It helps you to break your overnight quickly and keep your energy standards high during the day. Although a good breakfast is important, providing a fun atmosphere in which to begin the day will enrich your lunch.

These La Mer breakfast spots will set you up for a healthier, more joyful day by providing pleasant beach vibes and a choice of cuisines.

Zou Zou

The first on the list of the best La Mer breakfast choices is ZouZou, which provides an amazing dining exposure! At this top Turkish eatery in Dubai, you will savour the best of Turkish and Lebanese cuisine, which has been carefully designed and crafted by the highly-experienced chefs.

Kaftan Turkish Gourmet

Kaftan Turkish Gourmet is a well-known café in La Mer that specialises in Turkish cuisine. If you’re looking for a laid-back meal in an exotic beachfront atmosphere, this is the place to go to Dubai for an all-day breakfast.


Their breakfast offerings are varied and built to cater to a wide variety of tastes. Grilled beef Turkish soujouk and toasted pita coated in a mixture of dark sesame seeds and molas are among them.


Another breakfast location in La Mer is Lezzat, which serves traditional Turkish cuisine in Dubai. Their menu is vast and includes a wide range of cuisines; you’ll be spoiled for options when you browse the many delectable choices.

Although their traditional breakfast platter is famous, don’t skip out on lamb kavurma with egg or menemen if you’re looking forward to trying out something different!

Filli Select

FiLLi Pick, a stylish edition of the iconic tea location Filli Café, serves one of La Mer Dubai’s finest breakfasts. This famous chain has outlets all over Dubai that offer iconic teas and tasty bites.

Many facets of their branch at La Mer are iconic characteristics of the best cafes in Dubai. You may order breakfast skillets or a salad at FiLLi Select and cherish your morning.

Stars N Bars

Stars N Bars, one of Dubai’s most famous bars, has also developed a reputation for its delectable breakfast options. They deliver a full English meal, as well as shakshouka and eggs benedict, as well as a tasty variety of smoothies, milkshakes, and salads to light up your day!

The Duchess

The Duchess is the spot you must visit in the morning if you’re searching for an indulgent affair! They have a fantastic variety of breakfast dishes, from English muffins to mushroom omelettes, that you can try on your way to work or to liven up those sleepy weekend mornings!

HQ’S 459

HQ’S 459, situated just steps from La Mer Beach, is all about a decent dinner, trendy interior design, and a welcoming environment. They serve cuisine with Mediterranean, Italian, and Spanish influences. Breakfast classics at HQ 459 feature pancakes and eggs benedict.

Sikka Cafe

Sikka Cafe in Dubai is well-known for its Instagram-worthy desserts, but it also serves a hearty Emirati meal. You will taste a variety of delectable dishes such as Arabic cheese, falafel, and chebab pancakes with syrup and cream cheese rolled in your favourite condiment!

Tart Bakery

Tart Bakery is an eatery at La Mer Dubai that serves up some of the finest breakfasts. It specialises in French cuisine and serves a number of indulgent meals. Croissants, muffins, Arabic-style fava beans, or melted French cheese adorned with rosemary and garlic are all choices. There is also a unique menu for kids.

What is the best place to have Emirati food in Dubai?

Since Dubai is a dizzying array of Middle Eastern cuisine, it’s no wonder that the city has a multitude of excellent restaurants offering the best of Emirati cuisine. Emirati Restaurants in Dubai serve plain, filling, and spice-forward cuisine influenced by the UAE’s heritage and traditions.

These are some of the best places to have breakfast when you are living in Port De La Mer in Dubai.